Watercolor, for me, is a stress relieving (and sometimes stress producing) activity.  I have loved watercolor as a type of art for as long as I can remember.  The way the colors bleed and blend together is beautiful to me.  I love the softer side of watercolor although it is the hardest to master. 

I can’t name a lot of famous watercolor artists, but I did watch Bob Ross as I was growing up 😄.  I also enjoy John James Audubon’s work with birds.  Local watercolor artists, who aren’t so famous, draw my attention the most.  Whether I am exploring a gallery or just admiring their art in someone’s home.  They, along with my internet friends, continue to inspire me the most.

how i began with watercolor

Years ago, Kenny bought me a small set of watercolors and paint brushes for some occasion because he knew I wanted to try it.  I worked with it a little and set it aside because I thought I would never get it.  During Covid with the time spent at home, I picked it up again.  It quickly became a passion for me.  I have been piddling with it ever since. 

I started out following tutorials; however, I started listening to the artists’ advice.  One of my favorites said it was important to learn to look at a subject in person or photograph so your art becomes more original.  So, I started doing that.  I really did want my art to be mine.  It took a long time before it became anywhere near pleasing.  My journey continues as I am far from where I want to be.

my first subjects

Birds were some of my first subjects because I love them and I love to look at them.  They are also relatively easy for me to visualize and sketch.  One of the first birds that I tried was an eastern towhee.  We turned it into our ..bring Mae’s flowers Christmas card that year and it is still a favorite of mine!  I also really love to paint crows for some reason.  They have such character and sass, I guess.  Other subjects I enjoy painting include wildlife and flowers.  

Don’t give up!

My daughter talked me into illustrating a story that she had written and planned to publish.  After working an entire summer on the pieces, we hit a roadblock with how to print the watercolor art.  Did you know how difficult that is?  For some complicated reason, watercolor art does not easily copy.  We haven’t given up but we are on hold.  

You can watercolor

Watercolor has helped me get through some stressful times.  It has allowed me to focus on something positive when the world around me wasn’t.  I encourage you to give it a try.  You don’t have to be a great artist.  I most certainly am not.  Watch some tutorials and find your style like I have done.  Use the internet for something positive for a change!  Then, step out on faith and try painting your own version of what you see.  You might be surprised at what you can do like I was.

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