Vintage Glass in Today’s Home

Vintage glass in today’s home can be the result of an impulse buy, the desire to make collected items useful, or used because it belonged to a loved one.  I am not a collector of vintage glass; however, I do find it beautiful, useful, and unique.

A Flood of Memories

When Kenny and I are out looking for vintage inventory for our business, I often come upon vintage glass that immediately invokes a piece of the past.  Sometimes, it is a coffee cup or a casserole dish that my gran had in her modpodge of dishes.  Other times, it might be a wheat dish that I remember from my mammaw’s dinner table.  Carnival and depression glass make me think of my great grandmothers because they favored those pieces.  Either way, vintage pieces of glass can bring me wonderful memories.  

I never liked old glass much before we started our business.  Now, I am wanting to incorporate some of those memory producing pieces of vintage glass in my home.  I would encourage anyone who has their loved ones’ pieces tucked away to pull them out and display them.    

Vintage Glass Can Be Useful

Not only do these pieces bring back wonderful memories, but they can also be useful.  My daughter has a small vintage trinket dish in her guest bathroom with seashells in it.  It has become a great way to display the seashells that she enjoys collecting.  I have one on my dresser keeping special pieces of jewelry safe.  Milk glass coffee cups that I rescued from Gran’s house hang on my mug rack and are in full use right now.  

I think the carnival and depression glass that come in various colors could easily be switched in and out for seasonal decor.  These pieces are so much more unique than mass produced items.  It is also unique in today’s home to find pieces made in the United States.

A Visual Surprise  

A beautiful old glass pitcher that belonged to my great grandmother sits on my guest bathroom counter full of sweet gum balls collected from our yard.  The collection displayed in that pitcher is just different from other decor.  It also reflects a part of me…present and past.  I think it is a surprise for my guests.

We found a large collection of milk glass dinnerware recently that could fully serve eleven people.  I envisioned those pieces being used at a garden party for a bride.  My aunt thought they would be beautiful for a Christmas gathering.  Even if the pieces wouldn’t accommodate a large group, I think they would be beautiful serving pieces.  The plates could hold breads, cheeses, and fruits.  I thought the teacups would be perfect for small servings of dip or parfaits.  Anyway, you get the picture.  

Vintage glass in today’s home is relevant.  The pieces bring back beautiful memories for my family.  We also find them useful everyday and for special occasions.  These pieces may be rare finds that guests find joy in looking at in our homes.  I suggest going on a treasure hunt for the perfect pieces for your home and family.

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