Vintage Creates Character and Style

Vintage creates character and style when paired with other items

Kenny and I believe that vintage creates character and style. When planning our Facebook Live vintage, nature, and art sales for our business page, we decide on themes in advance. We search for items to match those themes when we are shopping. It sometimes takes weeks or even months to collect enough items for a particular theme.  That is part of what makes it treasure hunting for us. Is everyone who watches these sales going to like every theme?  Probably not.  However, we try to find a variety of items for all of the different tastes of our customers.

Vintage Now

When thinking about why vintage is so popular now, I just think about how many different styles can be represented by vintage items.  To name a few there are traditional, farmhouse, country, English cottage, French country, southwestern, coastal, eclectic, boho, and so much more.  The popularity of certain themes for particular customers is a very good example of how vintage items can fit different styles.  There can literally be something for everyone. 

When decorating with vintage, you are also less likely to have the same decor as someone else.  You will probably even have some one of a kind items.  This brings so much more character into your home than items mass produced for chain stores.  Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with those mass produced items and I have some of them. However, those are not the pieces that get noticed in my home. My one hundred plus year old farm table gets more notice than anything in my home and it is rustic as can be.  I inherited this one but we sometimes find similar styles when out at an estate sale or auction.

Vintage is interesting

If you like items in your home to spark interest, then vintage is where it is at!  When a vintage item catches a person’s eye, they might turn it over just to see who made it.  The more I dabble in this business the better  I am getting at recognizing certain creators.  This makes looking at vintage items in someone’s home interesting.  It is also fun to see the ways that people reuse items to fit their own styles.  I love to see these unique creations.  I saw an old bicycle turned chandelier recently and it was awesome!

vintage is affordable

Vintage items are usually cheaper as well.  You can afford to have an interesting and character filled home without breaking your budget.  You can go on that shopping spree and spend much less.  Now, some items are going to be more expensive, but most are not.  I love unique bookends, and if you buy them new they are very expensive. Vintage ones can be much more affordable.  Buying vintage allows for a much more personalized look for your home as well.  Likely, no one else will have anything similar to your unique piece and you decorated for less at the same time.

At the end of the day, vintage is not for everyone and that is okay.  It just leaves more for those of us who love it!

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