Vintage America

There are Vintage lovers all across America.  We see evidence of this love everywhere that we travel.  These same people are very patriotic!  That is what grabbed our attention on our most recent road trip across America to Glacier National Park and Yellowstone National Park. As we are traveling, vintage always catches our attention, but this time we started being struck by the vintage plus patriotic decor.  It was very inspiring to see!

We really enjoy seeing interesting decor, especially when driving along unchanging landscapes.  Vintage isn’t for everyone; however, it is eye catching.  It can take us back to a more romantic time period.  It can also give us a glimpse of the personalities of those to whom it belongs.  For example, all that patriotism on our drive west made us feel we were in a place with lots of proud Americans.

antique bar at the Irma in Cody, Wyoming
flag in Duluth, Minnesota
barn in Montana

Examples of vintage

Sometimes, vintage is really vintage…an old, rusty silo that has been preserved in an otherwise crop dominated landscape, a brightly painted car from a bygone era decorating a front yard, a washing board hanging on the side of an outbuilding.  It might even be a rotten piece of fence in the midst of a flower garden or a beautiful plate displayed cheerfully on a wall.  It can also be a perfectly preserved historic building filled with priceless antiques.  A forgotten home with beautiful bones along a country road can inspire curiosity as well.  I love seeing these bits of the past.  I see an attention to detail and craftsmanship not present in much of today’s America.

Birdseye Mercantile, Montana
Rusty fence, Montana
Old silo, Montana

what can we do?

The efforts of those who choose to share their collections epitomize a strong will to keep cherished heritage alive.  Those of us who have fond memories of those long past want to preserve their mark on the earth so that some of their goodness might remain.  We can’t forget the strangers that we never knew but came to know due to their works of art. Their art might include constructing buildings or designing beautiful dishes. We can make a difference today by taking care of some of the things they enjoyed, built, or worked with.  Preservation and display are both parts of enjoying and respecting the parts of vintage America that we hold dear.

old, forgotten home, Montana
rusty truck, Montana

These artifacts from the past are disappearing due to many not seeing the value and throwing them in a rubbish pile or dozing them to make way for something newer or more relevant.  This leads those of us who love vintage style to look for it in reproductions which can also create inspiration and mood.  We are in the process of renovating a small rental and home to ..bring Mae’s flowers, Dandelion Bungalow. We are looking everywhere for those vintage style pieces when the real thing isn’t available or won’t work.

If you are reading this, you are obviously interested in vintage, so I am writing to you.  Let’s respect, preserve and represent vintage America. Let’s search for it and rescue it!  It is so important to remember creators whose medium was metal or wood and whose creations were practical in that they took the form of a car, or a home, or even a utensil.  Their art was and is just as important as a sculpture or a painting.

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  1. I have enjoyed reading about the creation of the beautiful Dandelion Bungalow…. And maybe more than this, the memories of days gone by, many of us have been fortunate to experience for ourselves.
    Thank you for sharing this lovely journey with all of us….

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