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Have you ever met someone who just plans the best vacations?  I have to admit that Kenny is the vacation planner in our family.  I tell him all of the time that he needs to be a travel agent when he retires (if that is even a thing anymore).  All that I need to suggest is a destination and he researches and books everything.  Of course, he knows me and knows that I like fairly nice and very clean accommodations.  He would be willing to compromise on accommodations to save a buck; however, I am not.

Always Plan

Traveling is a passion for Kenny, and he really puts a lot of his heart into getting us ready for a trip.  He doesn’t just book a place and forget it.  He plans the scenic drives, the must see attractions, the hikes, and so much more.  The accommodations that he books for us are almost always unique or at least in a good location.  He won’t give up on seeing something just because it is out of the way or a little more strenuous than I am sometimes up for.  He pushes me to do and try new things that I always end up glad that we did.

We have some of the best travel memories with our kids.  Some trips were near our home and some have been across the country, but we always had a good time and gave our kids some unforgettable experiences.  We have camped, stayed in motels, and stayed in airbnb’s all over the place. Most of these vacations were great because of the advanced planning.

These days, he is planning for just the two of us or for a pretty large family with a bunch of little ones.  We want to see as much as we can of this awesome world we live in.  We also want to enjoy some of it with our family.  I’ve asked him to create travel itineraries for this website of trips that we have taken because I want to share with others some of these wonderful places.  

Travel and bring mae’s flowers

What does any of this have to do with ..bring Mae’s flowers?  First and foremost, it has the potential to bring joy! If you can take these trips, too, then great!  If you can’t, learn about them through someone else’s eyes.  I have done that a lot over the years. 

As a matter of fact, this brings to mind a wonderful book that I have read to my classes year after year.  Some of you may have heard of it.  It is called My Great Aunt Arizona, and it is written by Gloria Houston. The great aunt is a teacher and she tells her students she has traveled in her mind. I have traveled in my mind all of my life through books, magazines, and now the internet.

I know that others share our awe of nature’s wonders, so that is our inspiration for sharing. We always seek out the best food in those locations and think others would want to find those places, too.  We look forward to sharing the places to “junk” along with regional art galleries, both of which bring us joy.

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