The Original cottagecore

Cottagecore is a new term to perfectly describe the vintage style that I grew up with in my grandmother’s home.  She epitomized the original cottagecore in my opinion.   

Elements of the cottage style

While everyone else in my family began purchasing new furniture and developing a modern outlook, she remained true to herself.  Her home was full of color, textures, and layers.  Many items were passed down or handmade such as furniture, throw pillows and quilts.  

Gran used chippy painted furniture, baskets, and fresh wildflowers long before it was the trendy thing to do.  Every room was painted a color that spoke to her in some way.  New was never a choice for her unless she had no other option.  She never changed her style.  Trends were not her thing.  I love that cottagecore is now considered more of a movement instead of a trend.  I believe that in this anxiety producing world, we all need a space that can give us comfort and peace.

original cottagecore born of necessity

I realize some of my grandmother’s choices were born of necessity being raised during the depression.  She was careful not to be frivolous with what she had in case hard times came her way again.  However, I believe she had a true love and respect for the natural world around her.  I wonder if those embracing the cottagecore movement today appreciate or even know about  the “originals”?  Even if they don’t, I believe they still “get it.”  It is very likely that many today have learned from experience, like I have, that a simpler way of life has value.

appreciating nature in and around the home

I know my grandmother is not the only person who was cottagecore before cottagecore was a thing.  As a matter of fact, my other grandmother liked the simple comforts of home and  was very close to nature as well.  I know many others have been, too.  A lot of people that I know live this lifestyle but don’t really have the appreciation for it.  I think that is something we all could be better at.  

My grandmother kept her love of the natural world her whole life.  She loved floral patterns and the colors of the seasons.  She did not waste anything.  Reducing, reusing, and recycling was taught to me from an early age.  She protected the environment by her ways which I have such an appreciation for now.  The elements of cottagecore promote this, too, in my opinion.  

Bringing the outdoors in and the indoors out has some pretty deep symbolism for me. Mostly it gives me a sense of peace and love.  Gran’s house was not cottage style, but it was a cottage in the truest sense.  It was comfortable and homey.  There was always a good scent wafting from her kitchen when I walked upon her porch.  The colorful flowers tucked here and there in her yard and garden brightened many of my days.  A simple patchwork quilt welcomed me to snuggle under when it was cold and I wanted to sit on the porch.  

Gran and I gathered seeds and seedlings from her garden out back and planted them in my yard as well as giving some to others.  We picked flowers for her kitchen table and she would send flowers home for our own tables.  Our vegetables were grown in her garden, canned and frozen for Sunday dinners in the winter.  

A cottage in my heart

As a teenager, I started to yearn for new furniture and a fancy home.  Now, I know that I have a cottage in my heart.  I hope my style never changes.  Maybe my grandchildren will someday look back fondly on the things I have taught them.  Hopefully, I will contribute in some way to their feelings toward home and nature.  Who knows…maybe they will gain a feeling of peace and love from a natural home like I have.  

I think this sense of home is what is drawing people back to this original cottagecore kind of style.  It is my belief that it is more about a feeling that items in the space create instead of the items themselves.  Cottagecore isn’t really a statement like some other style trends, it is a way of life for someone to enjoy while they are in their home or for them to look forward to coming home to.  This is cottagecore in its essence to me.

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