Story Time

A form of my family’s fun that some may find unlikely is story time.  I think that a good story can be fun at any time of the day.  It can also take many forms.  I love a good book, but I also like to listen to recorded stories, or stories that aren’t written down but told aloud.

Story time!

Promoting literacy

My own children always wanted a read aloud, or several, at bedtime.  They also liked for me to make up stories and tell them.  My youngest son could always outlast me during storytime, so he started enjoying listening to recorded stories as he was falling asleep.  I think these activities helped develop the literacy skills that each of them have today.

Storytelling is a favorite of my grandkids.  They will sit and listen to stories for as long as I tell them.  On most occasions that they spend the night, I tell them stories to fall asleep.  They insist on sweet, happy endings though. They also enjoy a good picture book and typically have a favorite that they want me to read over and over.

Campfire stories

Story time is not just for the little ones in my family.  My older nieces and nephews still enjoy a good story.  A favorite of ours is to sit around a campfire and listen to spooky tales from the past.  My all time favorite might be the Jack Tale, Sop Doll!  I first heard this story from a retired elementary school teacher who told it when I was in fourth grade.  It gave me chills then and kind of still does.  

Story Time Favorites

Over the years, the kids in my school family have also enjoyed listening to interesting stories.  We would always have a read aloud going that I enjoyed just as much as the kiddos.  We especially liked, and still do, the stories that come along with the holiday seasons.

I have enjoyed telling the kids in my life spooky stories passed down to me from my dad and great grandparents.  The Jack Tales have also been great fun for me to share over the years.  Another Halloween favorite for me is The Widow’s Broom (affiliate link) by Chris Van Allsburg. 

Christmas favorites of mine include author Jan Brett’s Christmas Treasury.  My favorite story from there is The Christmas Trolls.  What a great message it has!

Extending Story Time

What makes story time even more fun are the crafts and activities that can go along with the story.  I enjoy making Christmas ornaments with my kiddos that connect with the story in some way.  A bowl of homemade playdough is a go to in our family to act out parts of a story, too.  Halloween treats with spooky additions such as plastic spiders and candy corn are such fun as well!

Kids at school don’t even really realize they are learning when a good book, such as Sarah, Plain and Tall or Because of Winn Dixie is involved.  My team teachers and I have had as much fun as the kids when drying flowers or creating a rabbit shaped foldable in response to a book.

Reading books and following them up with activities should not be limited to school in my opinion.  These activities can bring families closer together.  I have learned so much about my own children through reading, listening, and interacting with stories.

A Story doesn’t have to cost a thing except time

In our family, storytime is budget friendly.  We use books that we already have or check them out at the library.  Our family and friends also swap and trade good books.  Sometimes, our activities might cost a little bit; however, they don’t have to.  Using ingredients we already have or doing something active with a story are completing free ways of extending a story.

If you don’t already, I encourage you to put away the technology and pick up a book or make up a story and share it.  Children don’t forget those things in my experience!

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