Have you ever thought that you don’t have an artistic bone in your body?  Or that you have no natural creative talent?  Believe me when I say that I have felt the same way, especially when my children were growing up.  Then, I was more likely to choose a mass produced piece than to look for artwork that I really felt something for.

watercolor eastern towhee by Virginia Cornett

Art and ..bring mae’s flowers

Having art in my life has changed me and therefore became a focus of ..bring Mae’s flowers. It is something that both Kenny and I have learned to appreciate more as we have gotten older.  When I was younger, I didn’t enjoy art galleries, but  now I purposefully seek them wherever we travel.  Art specific to certain locales is also one of the things that I tend to remember about a place.  Additionally, I have begun to dabble in watercolor and acrylics myself and they have become wonderful stress relievers for me.


Have you ever seen a style of art that you were surprised by or drawn to with no idea why?  I prefer softer images that flow together while Kenny likes paintings that look very realistic.  Almost every time I view artwork, I can find something beautiful or interesting even if it is not especially my style.  I encourage you to ramble and find something that brings you peace or excitement and find your style.


As a teacher, I love the way modern textbooks are using biographies about inventors, artists, and other figures in the stories they present to children.  I have learned about people in history that I had never heard of before.  Isn’t it great that children today have opportunity to be inspired to create art or invent due to a story?  Today’s kids will be more culturally educated than I was because of this along with online access (not always bad).  

Enjoying Art at home and away

Another way that I have learned to broaden my horizons as far as art is concerned is through travel.  Visiting art galleries on vacation always makes me feel more connected to a place.  It helps me to see a subject through the eyes of the artist.  Enjoying art with someone is a bonding experience for me, too.  Some very enjoyable times for us have been spent wandering around locally owned art galleries in some place or another.  Most times, we haven’t been looking for a gallery but just happened upon one and decided to go inside.

I hope to spread some of this joy that I get from looking at artwork to anyone reading what I write.  It can lift my spirits, calm me, or inspire me.  It is a wonderful way to spend time with a friend or a loved one or just by yourself!  Artwork is also an easy way to create a certain mood in your home.  I like to play with art for each season or for special events.  I find many pieces of original artwork affordably.  Prints are also a very inexpensive way to add character to your home decor.  You might even want to give creating art a try yourself!

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