Playing in the snow

Playing in the snow isn’t just for kids!  I believe that taking the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors on a winter day is great for the body and the mind.  It has been several years since my family has had enough snow to really participate in most snowy day outdoor activities.  

Snow Cream

The first snowy activity we did during this big snow was to make snow cream.  This snow started out during frigid temperatures, so it was very dry.  It was perfect for fluffy snow cream.  I was able to step onto my patio and scoop a bowl of nice clean snow from the picnic table outside my door.  I added whipping cream that I had stuck in the freezer for a bit and then whipped a little, about a teaspoon of vanilla, and probably ⅓ cup of sugar.  It was the best snow cream I have ever made!  Kenny and I ate every bite!


The next day it warmed up a little so we bundled up the older grandkids and took them over to my father-in-laws where they could use their Christmas sleds on his sloped yard.  I stayed inside with baby Marshall while some of my “Big” kids played in the snow with their littles.  I enjoyed watching them so much!  The only thing missing was the rest of the family; however, the roads were too bad for travel.

Snow Men and Forts

After another day or two, it warmed up enough to make the snow a little stickier and perfect for building a snowman.  Kenny and I babysat our grandsons that live in town for a while that morning so I had the opportunity to build one with Auggie.  He loved it and did not want to go back inside!

I knew the older kids had tried to build a snowman while playing in the snow the previous day but the snow wouldn’t hold together.  So, when we got home, Kenny picked them up and I played outside all evening with them!  We started out by building two fairly big snowmen.  

Next we decided to work on a snow fort.  Harrison and Si were all about building one as shelter from abominable snow monsters and wolves.  At the mention of looming danger Parker and Evie decided to go in with Grandpa.  We worked and worked and enjoyed every minute.  We had to call it quits at dark but plan to add to it another day if the weather allows.

Hot Chocolate

One of the best parts of playing in the snow is having hot chocolate when you come inside.  We have done that several times during this snowy time.  We all love hot chocolate made from cocoa powder, and chocolate bars when we want to get fancy.  Marshmallows on top are a must!

Snowy Days of the Past

I have always enjoyed playing in the snow.  When our own kids were younger, we always got outside in the snow.  Our sleigh riding was a little more exciting than a gentle slope.  We would ride down our neighbor’s huge hill into their pasture!  Our kids, nieces, and nephew loved doing that.  Now, I am a little more apprehensive about letting the little ones try it although I know they will some day.  

Kenny and I have also been known to take a hike on a snowy day.  It is a beautiful, and slightly hazardous, experience.  A heavy snow hanging on tree limbs along with icy streams can be breathtaking.  I encourage you to put on your long johns and snow boots and give it a try!

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