Nature Can Be Healing

Lately, my words have dried up.  I think that happens naturally sometimes due to life, in general.  Today, they seem to have come back.  I lost my dear sister in Christ who meant so much to me and our church family.   I have been witness to her family that I love being unbearably hurt.  We all face times like these in our lives.  I know I have on several different occasions.  When I have faced life’s uncertainties in the past, I believe that being in nature was healing for me.  

Nature Can Be Healing  

I don’t think I understood this until I became a grownup and lost my grandparents; although I believe it probably held true before then.  I am blessed to have access to the solitude of nature right outside my front door.  Stepping outside and walking around my flowers or on fresh green grass is almost spiritual.  It is a perfect opportunity to commune with God’s creation.  I believe it is healing.  


A quiet place allows us to be alone with our thoughts.  I believe we need time to process whatever has happened to cause distress. 

When I look at puffy white clouds floating across a blue sky or stars glittering in the blackness, I can forget everything else for a moment.  A butterfly floating from flower to flower is another thing in nature that can take you away or bring back a beautiful memory.   A stream trickling along merrily soothes me in a way I can’t explain.  These things God has created can bring such peace if we allow ourselves to accept it.

Full of Beauty and Interest

During spring, summer, and fall, it seems the beauty of nature is all around us.  We can just drink it in at every turn.  That beauty can help our troubles turn to wonder.  In winter, it might be a little harder for us to discover sometimes, but it is still there.  Snow glistening in moonlight or an interesting tree bark or an owl hooting gives us a focus other than our troubles.  

I especially enjoy filling my house with dried flowers and natural objects during winter.  It is a great way to bring the soothing qualities of nature indoors.  Watching birds flying in to grab their favorite treats from a feeder lifts my mood so much as well.  They really are feathered friends just spending time with us and not requiring much except a few seeds.  

Fresh and floral scents

Another way I think we can allow nature to work its magic on us is to breathe it in.  There is nothing like the smell of an evergreen forest in the morning dew.  The fresh scent that comes after a spring rain is cleansing.  I also can easily be overcome by the soft scent of honeysuckle or trumpet vine.  These things don’t require us to be happy, but they allow us to partake with no strings attached.  

At times, I have experienced pain that I felt was almost unbearable; however, I know others who have experienced worse.  How comforting to know that God has provided elements of the natural world to help lift us.  Whether it is extreme beauty, sight, sound, or smell, nature surrounds us with a peace that we can enjoy even in our darkest times. I really believe nature can be healing.

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