I have always enjoyed being outside and discovering things in nature.  From watching ants and catching crawdads as a child to feeding birds in my own yard, I have loved coexisting.  The flora and fauna around us have calmed and inspired me on more occasions than I can count.  There is nothing I enjoy more than a hike in the woods or a slog through a marsh.  

children in nature

Kenny and I raised our children in the outdoors as well.  We taught each of them to love and respect this world we share.  Our family outings usually involved a hike or walk in the woods and our vacations always connected with the nature of the places we visited.  Now the kids are grown and raising their own families.  It makes me happy to know they are helping their little ones find joy in the open air.  Now I have grandkids to forage for bits of nature with me, so I am having even more fun!

nature in my home

As an adult, I have found that bringing little bits and pieces of the outdoors inside with me provides a higher level of contentment within our home.  I love using fresh or dried flowers, grasses, sticks, old bird’s nests, interesting seed pods and more in my decor throughout the year.  Not only do these items provide me joy when looking at them, they are also interesting to others and reflect a part of our family to those who visit with us.

I knew when we started ..bring Mae’s flowers that I wanted nature to be a part of it.  Nature is such a big part of me and Kenny, too.  We are drawn to nature in artwork, vintage finds that can house our natural decor, and places with natural wonders. 

natural legacy of my grandmother

As I talked about in an earlier post, we named our business in honor of my paternal grandmother because she inspired our whole family in so many ways.  Gran loved most things in nature such as rocks, birds, bees, vegetables and all kinds of flowers.  She worried about pollution and invasive species even though she was not highly educated.  She taught herself about so much by reading and observing and protecting.  We could all take a lesson from her.

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