How to Host a great halloween party

My Uncle Rob really knew how to host a great Halloween Party. I also have several friends who have hosted awesome Halloween bashes over the years. Halloween parties have been fun for me, my friends, and my family for a long time. 

I remember my uncle hosting an adult costume party when I was a child for which he always came up with a unique costume.  He is a big guy, so one year he was Mr. T.  My cousin came to trick-or-treat with me and saw my uncle as he was leaving for his party and thought he had seen Mr. T for real!  Another year he was Papa Smurf.   I always knew the grown-ups were having all the fun and couldn’t wait for my opportunity.

Including the kids

That opportunity came when I was a teenager and joined a youth group in my community.  Each year, the sponsors had a big Halloween party and dance for us at the local community center.  It was so much fun!

As a grown up, one of my sons was born near the end of October, so, of course we had to have costume parties for a lot of birthdays until he finally outgrew them.  One of my grandsons was born on Halloween and now we are back to having Halloween themed birthday parties again.

Party Tips

Over the years, various friends of ours have hosted Halloween costume parties.  I have always enjoyed gathering together with our friends, and having a fun time.  I have so many memories of certain costumes, foods, games, and karaoke singing.  In general, I believe Halloween is just a fun filled time of year!  Read on for some tips on hosting a great Halloween party!

Plan ahead

First of all, plan ahead.  I always hated to be last minute trying to narrow down a location and find decorations.  Having a theme in mind, such as Ghostly Gathering, can help you decide on a venue, decor, activity, food, etc.  

How to host a great halloween party: venue

We tend to have our parties at home because it is easier as far as preparation and cleaning up.   If that is not an option, try renting a community center, gym, or a shelter at a state park which are typically cheaper options than larger venues.  I don’t know about you, but I have more important things to spend my party money on (like the snacks)!

How to host a great halloween party: spooky decor

Decor can be the fun part of planning a party.  It is also a lot of work and I tend to do more than needed.  I would suggest making it easy on yourself and only going for a few mood-setting decorations like tablecloths, candles, a pumpkin or two, and any personal touches.  Don’t forget a spooky and fun photo backdrop!  Also consider vintage pieces as decor.  I think they can be made to look a lot more naturally spooky than anything you can buy.  Those items tend to be cheaper as well.

How to host a great halloween party: food

One of the most important aspects of planning a party for me is the menu.  I love planning party foods and eating it of course!  First, I decide if I am going to provide all of the food or if I am going to ask my guests to bring a dish.  Obviously, if it is a Halloween birthday party I am going to provide the food for my guests.  

If it is just a Halloween party, I think it is fine and even part of the fun to have your guests bring a dish.  It is always interesting for me to see what my friends come up with!  You might even want to split the cost of having pizza delivered and everyone brings dessert and drinks!   

The charcuterie trend looks great all dressed up for Halloween!  My friend and her family do charcuterie boards and trays every year for Halloween.  They are always on the hunt for something unique to put their treats on.  I have also seen a lot of neat  and cheap ways to dress them up.  Add a spider ring here and there, a mini jack ‘o lantern or two, some vampire teeth and it is good to go!

How to host a great halloween party: games and music

Some of my best memories of past Halloween parties involve games.  At a party where kids are present, you might have pumpkin painting or jack o’lantern carving.  I think a costume contest is a must as well with prizes given to best adult and best children’s costumes.  I think a zombie parade would be fun instead of a party train, too.  Card games are fun for those who play, along with board games.  I am not a singer but I love group karaoke and most adults and kids do enjoy singing!  You could also liven up the party with some line dances!  Make sure to include The Purple People Eater, The Monster Mash, Thriller, and the Munsters’ theme song!

Plan that party!  Get together with friends and family!  Most importantly, have a great time!

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