farming is fun for kids

Farming is Fun

One of the activities that our kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews have had the most fun with over the years is going to the barn or chicken coop and feeding the animals.  It never fails that they get excited when someone mentions it is time to feed or gather the eggs.  We only have a few animals on our little farm, but they are enough for us. Farming is fun!


We have a miniature donkey that we bought and named Martha.  Our intention was to have a live nativity at church and use her as a part of it.  She didn’t really keep that job for long. However, she is queen of the barn lot.  Her neighbors and friends are a handful of pygmy goats.  She is happiest when they are hanging out with her and will stand in the rain outside of their stall instead of going to her own nice dry one.

Miniature goats help make farming fun.

The goats have been entertainment for all of us since our youngest son was ten or so.  He is 26 now.  He received the first two for Christmas and the goat farming hasn’t stopped since then.  The ones we have now are all descendants of those first goats.  My daughter even wrote a story about them that I want her to publish because it is such a great portrayal of how goats love to travel around.  There is nothing that our goats enjoy more than being allowed to roam around the grassy yards in the neighborhood for a few hours and will find a way to do it if they can.

We also have a couple of rabbits that lead a life of leisure.  One is a very old fella that was born here, went to live with our future daughter-in-law as a baby, then came back to live with us again when she and our son started their collegiate journeys that have taken them pretty far away from home at times.  Anyway, the old white rabbit, Kipper, is still around and being loved by a new generation now.  We got him a companion a few years ago and she is just as sweet as he is.  For obvious reasons, they have different apartments, but seem to enjoy living next door to each other. 

Now our chickens are my personal favorite and have been free ranging up until last year.  Our daughter’s dog took a liking to them as well, so now they have to stay in the coop when he is roaming about.  They still get their exercise in the evenings and we still enjoy watching them peck about.  The grandchildren really like gathering the eggs and spreading their feed on the ground.

We also have several rescued, some feral, barn cats that know where to come for supper.  I have never been a big fan of cats just because of my love for songbirds; however, I am willing to share my space as long as they hang out in the barn. 

One of the cats has an interesting story.  Our youngest son and his wife started feeding her at their apartment during their undergraduate years at college.  When they moved away for our son to attend vet school, she moved in at our barn.  It wasn’t long before she disappeared and we thought something had happened to her.  Then, several weeks later, she came back like nothing had happened.  She was also obviously the leader in the barn when she was there.  We started calling her the “Witchy Cat” and she still holds that name today because she still disappears and returns according to her own whims.


Christmas barn

This old barn started its life as a sawmill many years ago and is still able to keep its tenants warm and dry today.  It has taught several generations about responsibility and stewardship.  We love spending time with our animals there and sharing that love with the children in our family.  It is a great way to spend time together.  I know that having a barn with farm animals is not possible for many families, but the great thing is that you don’t have to own a farm to spend time on one.  Take your little ones to the farm of a friend or to a farm that is open to visitors.  It might become one of your most memorable experiences.

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