Family Fun

Why would we include family fun on a website whose focus is vintage, nature, and art?  It’s the nature and art, of course!  It’s also the joy that comes from having fun with others and that we hope to spread as part of ..bring Mae’s flowers.  Sometimes, things are just better when shared.  For us, sharing involves our family, but it could easily be your friends or people that you work with whom you share good times.  

kids Equal Family Fun

Right now our family fun revolves around our grandkids; we are working on seven of them right now.  A lot of times it involves our nieces and nephews as well.  However, it wasn’t very long ago that our fun was with our own kiddos.  Having kids around is just enjoyable, period!  If you don’t have any, borrow some (with permission😉) from someone who needs a break.  Do something fun with them!  You will get a blessing from it, I promise!  

Nature and Art

Anyway, back to the connections to nature and art.  The kids in our lives, young and old, love getting outside and enjoying what nature has to offer.  They love observing, foraging, climbing, splashing, and digging.  They also enjoy bringing some of their treasures back inside and creating art with them.  Nature can also be an inspiration for many different types of art such as painting, sculpting, collaging, and so much more!  We will talk more about that later. 

Family Fun Inspiration

This section of our website will be devoted to happy times with anyone that you consider family including your fur family!  So much fun is to be had without spending a dime except for gas or a picnic lunch.  Over the years, Kenny and I have tried to create fun experiences for our kids even when we were having to pinch pennies.  I remember having a subscription to Family Fun magazine and finding so many inspiring ideas there.  I don’t even know if that magazine is still in print but the internet is full of interesting and wholesome ways to enjoy ourselves!


I am a firm believer that everyone needs to plan for fun!  We don’t need to let life be one monotonous journey.  Don’t sit around and expect fun to come to you.  Look for it!  Create it!  How often do you use your imagination nowadays?  I find that the ease of finding things online or on television to keep us occupied stifles our creativity.  Don’t let it.  Only use those things to enhance your life.  Learn a new hobby, revisit an old one.  Create an imaginary world with some of the children in your life.  It is amazing how involved I can get in an indoor camping trip with my grandchildren or an exciting game of Jurassic Park during car rides that began with my niece and nephew and I now play it with the grandkids as well.  Think about what brings you joy and do it!  

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