Enjoying Fall

Enjoying fall is not hard for me.  It is my favorite season full of some of my favorite outdoor activities.  We live in a rural part of the Appalachian Mountains so fall is a very beautiful time of year around our home.  

Enjoying Fall Color

Deciduous trees really do make fall in my opinion.  Our area is full of trees that change color and lose their leaves.  This makes for a lot of natural beauty plus piles of crunchy leaves to rake, jump into, and crunch.  My family makes taking walks a priority during the fall season.  We typically enjoy hiking during this time of year, too, although this particular year has been too busy for much hiking.  

Fall color on trees and bushes as well as bright blue skies, or blustery gray ones, make for some amazing photography.  I’m no expert at taking pictures, but that doesn’t stop me from capturing all the photo ops!  I love soaking up all that beauty in any way that I can.

Fall Picnics

Picnics are another of my favorite ways of enjoying fall.  It is cooler and we are not bothered so much by insects and the worry of children running into a poisonous snake.  Whether we put an old quilt on the ground or a pretty vintage tablecloth on a wooden picnic table, a fall picnic just feels more romantic.  

Spooky Stories and Bonfires

Darkness falling earlier is a part of the season that many folks dread; however, I kind of look forward to it, up until Christmas anyway.  It forces me to slow my evenings down a little.  It also sets the mood for some spooky stories which I have always enjoyed!  

A few goosebumps around a bonfire is so much fun!  In Kentucky, a bonfire during a summer night is sometimes too hot and buggy for my taste.  Fall, though, makes a perfect bonfire!  I love snuggling up into a sweater, or cozy blanket, and spending the evening roasting hotdogs and making smores.  

Going On a Leaf Hunt

Going on a leaf hunt, or bear hunt, is also great fun with my grandkids this time of year.  We love beginning our adventure with a story, such as (my affiliate link) We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt by Steve Metzger.  Then, it is so much fun to bring our leaves back and create something with them.  Our creations might be as simple as a journal with the leaves pressed and taped or glued inside.  Another fun activity is creating the shape of an animal with the leaves and hanging for our family to admire.

Another favorite of my family’s is to rake a huge pile of leaves and jump into it!  We also enjoy making a scarecrow from some old clothes filled with leaves. Of course you can name him and sit him in a prominent spot on your porch.  

Relaxing and Affordable Fall Activities

Something that I particularly enjoy and often coerce Kenny into doing with me is foraging.  I love to make potpourri to enjoy during the winter months and fall is the perfect time for this.  Walking through the woods and meadows looking for interesting seed pods and dried blooms or grasses is so relaxing for me.  It is undeniably one of my very favorite things to do.   

A hayride across a field or on a deserted road is also a great way to enjoy fall on a budget. All you need is a couple of bales of hay or straw and access to a pickup truck or wagon and something to pull it with. I know having access to those things is easier if you live in the country, but it is worth seeking it out. We love a good hayride!

All of these activities that I have mentioned are free or low cost.  I encourage you to get out there and enjoy fall!

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