Creating Coziness with Vintage

I really enjoy creating coziness with vintage.  Sometimes a space that has too many newly purchased items can appear cold or to lack a vision.  Vintage pieces can help bring in the warmth that you need to finish a space.  

Balance the old and new

When I am trying to create a space, I take into consideration the balance needed between old and new.  To add some softness or character, I start checking out my vintage inventory or I go on the hunt for the right vintage pieces at vendor’s malls, estate sales, and flea markets.  Sometimes, a piece just jumps out at me as perfect for a space.  At other times, I have to come around to it.  Kenny sees the beauty in some things that I just can’t wrap my head around until he gets it all cleaned up.

Giving an old piece new life

Kenny dug an old trunk out of my great grandparents home before it was to be torn down.  It had at least eighty years of grime on it.  I thought it was neat and would have been happy to use it on my porch, but Kenny had other ideas.  He wanted to bring it into our home as a coffee table.  I didn’t think it was possible to get the musty smell out of it, but he did it.  He brought it inside after cleaning it up and it was perfection. 

It was so perfect, in fact, that we decided to move it into the Dandelion Bungalow as the coffee table.  The quilt thrown across it is a beautiful gift to us from a friend and adds softness and warmth. The trunk is my favorite piece of furniture in the bungalow.  It perfectly coexists with the new microfiber loveseat that we have it sitting in front of.  Creating coziness with vintage is that easy!

Where to find vintage pieces

Other vintage furniture that we have used in the bungalow include this table and chairs.  We picked it up at an estate sale in downtown Lexington, Kentucky.  We knew it would be perfectly imperfect for the bungalow.  I did a little research and found that it isn’t anything too special.  We love it, though, and think its floral painted design adds a little of our style to our space.

I have no idea where this cabinet with the open shelving originally came from or what it was supposed to be. We found it in Lexington also, at the Restore.  We bought it intending to sell it in the shop, but ended up deciding it would be perfect for the kitchenette of the bungalow.  We had our carpenters add a couple of shelves onto it.  I think it looks so authentic, decorated with plates, a pitcher, and an oil lamp for a grandmother-style kitchen.  I don’t know if you would call it cozy but it surely reminds me of cozy times in my gran’s kitchen!

One more vintage piece from the bungalow that I think adds so much character and warmth with its color and its ability to showcase vintage items is the cupboard.  We found this at the Restore also and knew immediately that we wanted it for the bungalow.  Can’t you just see this full of old dishes and teacups in a kitchen warmed by a coal or wood stove?

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