Cooking With Family Is Fun

Cooking with family is fun.  It is a great way to spend time talking while accomplishing something at the same time.  My family and I also just enjoy looking for and trying new recipes.

My kitchen is the place where we have most family discussions.  Either sitting at the table and watching the cooking or joining in with the food preparation, we are talking.  This is a way of life for me.  I always remember the kitchen being the center of the home.  Growing up, most of our serious discussions and lighthearted fun took place there.

Holiday Cooking

Holiday food prep is a ritual for us.  Whether it is the Thanksgiving feast or an Independence Day pig roast, each of us has a part.  It might be bringing the sides, or setting up folding tables, but it is still a part.  I can remember Pop cutting up vegetables for Gran as she was preparing meals.  Kenny and I do that for each other now.

Sunday Dinners

Every Sunday, Gran cooked for her family.  Most of the time, she already had it ready after church.  If she didn’t, we pitched in to help.  Now, most Sundays, Kenny and I have Sunday dinner for our family.  Again, we all pitch in unless I have had time to get it ready before church.  It doesn’t take long to put a meal on the table when everyone helps.

Cooking With Kids

My favorite thing is when our grandkids or nieces and nephews and I cook together.  I love trying recipes that they are interested in.  All of my grandkids enjoy helping in the kitchen.  My oldest grandson really loves it.  He even made his own kitchen out of a tree stump along the road where we walk.  He always stops to prepare us food there.  Now, the younger kids have picked up this routine as well.  They all gather behind that stump and start handing out pretend dishes.  I’m sure the neighbors wonder what in the world we always stop there for!

Silas, our second oldest grandson, is probably the least interested in cooking; however, he really likes eating and watching shows that involve unusual foods.  We recently had most of the grandkids over to spend the night, then we planned breakfast for their parents.  Si was so excited to take part in planning that meal, mostly because we chose dishes from his favorite YouTube Channel, “The Outdoor Boys!”  The “Scotch” eggs were a big hit!  I definitely think we will do it again!

Cooking With Family Really is Fun

When we cook together, we forge a tighter bond.  It is a great way to connect with our loved ones.  I love spending time with my family in the kitchen.  I really love having the little ones in there learning that everyone can cook, even the boys!  Not only are we handing down tried and true ways of putting a meal together, we are talking, laughing, or comforting each other.  Cooking with our family really is fun!

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