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Kenny and I don’t really have collections.  We both have things that we particularly like to find, but don’t necessarily set out to find more than one of any certain thing. Kenny does enjoy finding a unique bottle though.  And, of course, I collect a lot of natural things that I think I might use later in potpourri or on a wreath.  Thanks to a lot of reading, browsing through the internet and antique stores, and my friend, Glenna, I have learned how to artfully display my vintage collections.

When it comes to vintage, I usually like to have a use in mind for the pieces that I bring home.  I don’t always, but most times, I know exactly where or how I will use something.  Using vintage is my love; however, I don’t enjoy clutter; so my pieces have to be useful in some way.  I do think a grouping of collected items can be beautiful.  Light reflecting off of crystal candlesticks or pitchers is beautiful.  There is a fine line between making something look good and just having a collection.  

ideas for artfully displaying collections

Let me start by saying that collections are great for those who enjoy them.  I am not knocking collectors. In an eclectic kind of way, I guess I am a collector of sorts.   I really would just like to encourage those who collect to display parts of their collections in unique and interesting ways.  This could make a collection much more meaningful and enjoyable for the collector and for those viewing the collection.

For instance, a collection of dishes piled on a shelf is not a great way to display them.  Creating a wall display or setting a holiday table with them could really showcase their beauty.  I also love to see a unique bowl or cup with a small plant sitting in it.  A single plate on a small easel can be beautiful as well.

I love birds, so I do have quite a few of them in one form or another.  A collection of bird statues inside a glass cabinet may not capture what you loved about birds to begin with. I actually have mine stored away.   However, I do pull out one of two (instead of all of them) at a time and display them seasonally.  Birds on a shelf with a nest and a book about birds make a lovely spring vignette which is much more interesting.  I also love a gold, silver, or copper game bird on my fall table.  They reflect candlelight or even Christmas lights perfectly.

rotate items for display

We enjoy rotating the vintage items that we keep at home.  Some items fit a certain season better than others.  Other times, we might want to pull something out to celebrate an event or time period in our lives.  For instance, we have an old quilt that is perfect for Indepence Day and another that  is always displayed on the back of a rocking chair around Christmas.  Sometimes, it might simply be in remembrance of special people or times that have been important  to us. At Christmas, Kenny always brings out a small home interior dove that his mom had in her house. I don’t really like the style of it, but I know it is important to him, so we make it work.

I like to use this wooden box because my great grandfather made it.

If you are a large collector or you only keep small sentimental items, I encourage you to use the pieces that add to your decor seasonally.  Every time you look at a piece that you have artfully displayed, it might just bring you joy or comfort.

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  1. thank you for your kind words…I do know what it means to put something out that holds so much sentiment…I put a little Santa bell that my mammaw had bought me from Walmart the Christmas before she died… we had went on a little Christmas shopping trip and although she didn’t have much money, she insisted on buying me that little Santa bell. It has a little crack in it but I wouldn’t trade it for anything….

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