Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park at the end of the season in mid-October is risky but perfect in my opinion.  I say risky because the weather could turn extremely cold so we went prepared.  Luckily, it was chilly but really nice travel weather while we were there.  The reason I think this timing was perfect was because there were fewer crowds. 

We knew our fall break was going to be the end of the season in Maine and many of the restaurants and amenities would be closed but it was the only time we had to travel during the fall.  We knew we had made the right decision because as we entered the state of Maine from New Hampshire, there was a large stream of traffic going the other direction.

Schoodic Point

We overnighted at a bed and breakfast in Camden which was beautiful itself.  Then we followed coastal highway U.S. 1 up the coast to Prospect Harbor in Gouldsboro where we had rented an Airbnb for the rest of the time in Maine.  That was also a very beautiful area and worth spending time.  We settled in that afternoon and explored the salt marsh around our rental and then went to Schoodic Point.

Schoodic Point at sunset was breathtaking.  We took a blanket and just sat there on the rocks watching the surf pound and getting sprayed occasionally.  The sun sinking over the ocean and the rocky cliffs was indescribable.  This was one of my favorite parts of visiting Acadia National Park.

Cadillac Mountain

In the wee hours of the next morning, we headed into the main section of the park. Cadillac Mountain which is known for being the first place in the continental U.S. to see the sunrise was our destination.  Even that early in the morning during the off season, it was a little crowded. 

dawn on Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park

When we made it to the top, we  layered up because it was foggy and cold.  We found a great spot on the rocks and settled in for the sunrise.  It was spectacular!  We spent a good part of the morning up there just exploring.

Favorite Places inside Acadia National Park

It has been several years since this trip so I can’t remember exactly when we visited each part of the park.  I have also forgotten some of the hikes that we went on.  Some things stand out to me though.  The utter beauty of the leaves on the trees and the ground has stayed with me.  Also, the reflections of the colors on the water was unbelievable.

Thunder Hole

Thunder Hole was a stop that I would definitely recommend that you make inside the park.  Sometimes, it is easy to pass up the more popular points because of the crowded parking lots.  You don’t want to miss Thunder Hole.  It is impressive.

Sand Beach

Sand beach is also something you don’t want to miss.  It is beautiful and has some nice trails around it.  The tidal pools are unique as well.  The rocks make them different from any tidal pools I had seen before. (If you know me, you know I am all about a tidal pool!) They say you can even see seals there at times.

Jordan Pond

Of course, Jordan Pond is gorgeous and we thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful walk around it.  Again, the fall colors and reflections were so pretty.  I also found it so peaceful…just a wonderful place to be.

carriage roads of Acadia

Another favorite of mine inside the park was the carriage road system.  I love a good leisurely stroll.  We wandered around on them for hours.  There  were very few people on them unless we passed a carriage.  The roads themselves were covered in fall leaves and there were still plenty on the trees to admire.  We also enjoyed passing by lots of beaver ponds and other trickles of water.

hidden gem

Little Hunter’s Beach or Cobble Cove might have been my best takeaway from Acadia.  I’m not sure of the exact location and I don’t think it is marked; however, it is near Otter Cliffs.  It has a tiny parking area…maybe two cars, with a trail through the woods and some steep wooden stairs. 

Near the bottom we began hearing this amazing sound.  It reminded me of a massive rain stick.  The sound was actually being made by thousands of cobblestones on the beach rolling around as the waves crashed in and out.  Not only was the sound beautiful, but so were the rocks.  To me they looked like a reflection of the fall color themselves as they tumbled in the water.  

Plan for the off-season in the park

Acadia National Park was another great trip for us.  Kenny planned this one out, just like most of the others.  All I have to do is mention I would like to go somewhere and he is on it!  We would definitely suggest the off season just so you get to experience some of the beauty without too much noise and chaos.

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